『VISTA Cafe』(1F)

| Japanese and Western buffet breakfast |

The seasonal and daily breakfast buffet 'Nagoya meshi' such as chicken wings, miso kushikatsu, fried prawns, miso oden and unagi meshi (Grilled eel rice), is recommended for guests staying for consecutive nights.

In addition, at Hotel Vista Nagoya [Nishiki]'s famous live kitchen, you can enjoy freshly prepared hot dishes.

Live kitchen

| Freshly baked egg menu and Ogura French toast |

Omelets, fried eggs, and our hotel's original Ogura French toast, which is warm French toast with Ogura bean paste, are cooked on the spot and served to each customer.

Enjoy a hearty handmade breakfast.

Seasonal and daily special menu

| Bread baked at the hotel |

Our bread is baked at the hotel.

Speaking of Nagoya, the breakfast menu "Morning", a toast set that you can eat only for the cost of drinks such as coffee, is famous. For breakfast at Vista Café, you can freely arrange freshly baked bread and a buffet menu.

| Hotel Vista Nagoya [Nishiki] Original Curry |

A special original curry with the flavors of the ingredients melted into the spices.

Recommended for guests staying multiple nights, such as white rice and Nagoya-meshi on the first night and curry on the second night.

| Miso Kushikatsu |

Misokatsu is a deep fried pork cutlet with miso-based sauce. It's one of the daily menus like chicken wings and fried shrimp.

| Fried chicken wings |

Fried chicken wings called tebasaki in Japanese are quite popular cuisine in Nagoya. It is one of the standard daily menu items.

| Unagi meshi (Grilled eel rice) |

Grilled eel soaked in sauce with rice.
You can also enjoy hitsumabushi-style with condiments and special dashi stock.
(Sea bream rice, octopus rice, and eel rice are prepared daily special.)

Restaurant Information

VenueThe first floor restaurant [Vista Cafe]
Opening Hours6:30-9:30

The blackboard art of Vista Café is drawn by the manager himself with the feeling of welcoming customers.
Spend a wonderful morning while enjoying breakfast in the restaurant where the morning sun shines.